How to use the Collaborate Portal to get Technical Support

1. Log in

Using a web browser, navigate to the Microsoft Collaborate PlayReady Landing page.
PlayReady Collaborate Portal Landing Page

2. View the existing threads you have access to

From the Landing page., click on the PlayReady Support (Public Forum) link. You get this:
PlayReady Collaborate Portal

Then click on Bugs, you get this:
PlayReady Collaborate Portal

You can now click on any thread that you see in the page, or Search through them using the Filter buttons. Here is how a thread looks like:
PlayReady Collaborate Portal

3. Submit a new thread (ask a new question)

On the Forum Bug List View, click on Submit New Feedback. It opens a form to enter a new question:

PlayReady Collaborate Portal

Important notes:

4. See the response to your question

You will get a notification email on your Microoft Account as soon as the Microsoft Support Team has responded to your question.

5. Comment on the response you've received

While reading the details of a thread:

  1. Scroll down
  2. Enter your comment
  3. Click on Submit Comment

    PlayReady Collaborate Portal