PlayReady 4.0+ Test Content

This section contains a collection of test content that can be used to validate some PlayReady 4.X scenarios, for example using CBCS encryption.

Note: some of the test content listed below was created long ago and includes a default LA_URL in their PlayReady Header which no longer exist.
We recommend that you use this test content with a specific LA_URL that you set in your client app, instead of relying on the default value. In general, the following LA_URL should be fine for most of the content listed below:
LA_URL =,sl:150)

DescriptionH264/AAC CENC CBCS with video and audio protected
Tool chainApple toolset - 16-byte IV (16-byte = 128-bit Initialization Vector)
Creation Date01 September 2017
Video Encoding SettingsH.264
Audio Encoding SettingsAAC 2-channels
Encryption SettingsCENC CBCS with 16-byte IV - KID = AAAAEAAQABAQABAAAAAAAQ== - Content Key = W31bfVt9W31bfVt9W31bfQ==
Video KID10000000-1000-1000-1000-100000000001
Multi DRMFalse
PlayReady WRMHEADER4.3
LA URL,ck:W31bfVt9W31bfVt9W31bfQ==,ckt:aescbc)
MP4 CENC CBCS (clear)
MPEG-DASH (protected)
HLS (protected)

DescriptionFragmented MP4 file with a VP9 video track encrypted with CENC (CTR mode)
Tool chain-
Creation Date01 October 2017
Video Encoding SettingsVP9
Audio Encoding Settings-
Encryption SettingsCENC CTR - Use the license server URL specified below
Video KID00000000-03fc-eacd-0000-000000000000
Multi DRMTrue
PlayReady WRMHEADER4.0
LA URL,kid:00000000-03FC-EACD-0000-000000000000)
MP4 CENC CTR (protected)